Evil-1 Intro Evil-1 short for the “Evil One” or maybe “Evil Won”? This is a unisex fashion trainer with free flowing curvy lines. It has a zipped upper and Velcro flap for a clean look and a snug fit. Various colour combinations shown [...]

Lucid Chair


Lucid Chair Intro The Lucid Chair is formed plywood designer chair which comes in two versions. Ver.1- A cleaner looking version where the plywood flows continuously from the backrest all the way down to form the rear leg. Ver.2- Rear legs are made [...]



Greenpeace– TV Advert Intro This was a pro renewable/alternative energy TV advert project for Greenpeace. I worked on it with my friend Dany Bittel of Elefant Studios Zurich and their wonderful team. I was hired by them to design/model all the 3d assets. The advert shows [...]

Shakti Car


SHAKTI Intro A High Performance Car I was inspired by the curves of the female anatomy and decided to mimic them through the delicate lines on this automobile. I named the car “Shakti” an Indian term that represents the active, dynamic principles of [...]



MOKSHA Intro A concept sports car. “Moksha” means liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth in Indian mythology. Using this metaphor of liberation, I have created a car that will liberate the driver from the grind of daily life. *** // Do [...]

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