Evil-1 Intro Evil-1 short for the “Evil One” or maybe “Evil Won”? This is a unisex fashion trainer with free flowing curvy lines. It has a zipped upper and Velcro flap for a clean look and a snug fit. Various colour combinations shown [...]

Resolute Chair


Resolute Chair Intro The resolute chair is a solid piece of designer furniture made from high quality formed plywood and hand finished metal parts. Carefully concealed support joints make the hip and back rest appear to visually float at one end. [...]

Substance Sofa


Substance Sofa Intro Substance sofa is a high class stylish designer sofa that uses mixture of materials ranging from natural wood, metal to glossy painted/lacquered wood. Sofa incorporates storage space along with side wings for magazines and food items. [...]

Lucid Chair


Lucid Chair Intro The Lucid Chair is formed plywood designer chair which comes in two versions. Ver.1- A cleaner looking version where the plywood flows continuously from the backrest all the way down to form the rear leg. Ver.2- Rear legs are made [...]



Greenpeace– TV Advert Intro This was a pro renewable/alternative energy TV advert project for Greenpeace. I worked on it with my friend Dany Bittel of Elefant Studios Zurich and their wonderful team. I was hired by them to design/model all the 3d assets. The advert shows [...]

Shakti Car


SHAKTI Intro A High Performance Car I was inspired by the curves of the female anatomy and decided to mimic them through the delicate lines on this automobile. I named the car “Shakti” an Indian term that represents the active, dynamic principles of [...]



MOKSHA Intro A concept sports car. “Moksha” means liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth in Indian mythology. Using this metaphor of liberation, I have created a car that will liberate the driver from the grind of daily life. *** // Do [...]

P-Pod- Vehicle


P-POD-Vehicle Intro P-Pod (Pea pod) is a hybrid fun vehicle. It comes in open top and fully enclosed versions. The enclosed version has heads up display technology. When stationary the inside can be used as an entertainment pod. The whole front half of [...]

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