Cargo sous terrain (CST)


Cargo-sous-terrain (CST)- Nitin-Design-Nitin-Khosa-Switzerland

I was commissioned by Swiss Cargo sous terrain association to do preliminary design and visualization work for the CST driverless automated underground transportation system.

Part of the brief was to keep the pod’s shape as close to a rectangular box to maximise storage capacity.

“Cargo sous terrain (CST) aims to develop an innovative goods transport system by 2030 that will dramatically improve transport infrastructure in Switzerland and change the world of logistics over the medium term. Cargo sous terrain will create a new transport route exclusively reserved for goods, thereby releasing the burden on the country’s road and rail networks. It is a system developed by business, for business.”CST

A complete, automated, flexible and durable underground cargo system which allows the transport of pallets and crates for packages, individual items, break bulk cargo and bulk goods, as well as their intermediate storage. Tunnels are scheduled to connect the sites of production and logistics sites. In the municipalities, under ground cargo is scheduled to distribute the goods by environmentally friendly vehicles in cooperation with partners of the Swiss retail syndicate IG DHS (Interessengemeinschaft Detailhandel Schweiz), among them Coop, Denner, Manor and Migros, and also the Swiss national logistics providers SBB Cargo, Rhenus Logistics, Swisscom and Swiss Post.

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