Client Specific- Frequently Asked Questions


Some important points to be aware of-

Please read all the relevant questions that might apply to you. Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any more clarification.

Q1- Do you work on free trial basis?

I run a professional design business so I don’t do any free trial work. Time is money (actually time is more valuable than money), I strongly feel that there is enough material on this web site for you to judge my design abilities.

Q2- Do you ask for a deposit before starting a project?

For most projects 50% of the approximate total project cost has to be paid before I commence any work. This helps me to separate genuine clients from time wasters who are looking for free work. The final 50% to be paid on completion of the project, prior to release of the final artwork.

Q3- How much do you cost? We need work done super fast on a very limited budget, can you do it?

I don’t have set prices in general because there are too many variables at play that change from project to project (sometimes even within the same project). So the price is set at the start based on the requirements of the individual project and the agreed deliverables. If requirements change during the project then costs change accordingly. Either way the client is always kept informed and there will never be any unpleasant surprises from my side.

In the following illustration I have tried to demonstrate the relationship between DESIGN QUALITY, TIME REQUIREMENT and PRICE $.

Q4- We are a start-up company. We will pay you once we start making profit, is that ok with you?

Definitely NOT! I wish your company all possible success but the fact is that I am a design service provider and not a financial investor in your company.

Q5- Do we have to sign a contract to use your services on a project?

Yes, in most cases the client will have to sign a simple contract outlining clearly what both sides will be receiving. This way the focus is kept on the completion of the project to the highest standard on time instead of some misunderstanding that could damage client designer relationship.

Q6- Can you keep all the project information confidential?

Sure! If your project requires confidentiality then that won’t be a problem. Client designer confidentiality is something I take VERY seriously. I have no problem signing NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) for any project.

Q7- What payment method do you accept?

I prefer E-Banking/Bank transfer.

Q8- Can you work with clients outside Switzerland?

Yes, I can work with anyone anywhere thanks to the help of modern technology like Skype, WhatsApp, email and good old telephone.

Q9- Do you outsource your work?

No, I don’t outsource. 100% of my work is done personally by me in Zurich, Switzerland.

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Finest digital art in the known universe