All about me!


I am a British Indian designer based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Here you will find some general information about me.

Design Qualification

I did my 4 year Industrial Design (Transport) Bachelor of Arts degree at Coventry University (West Midlands, England).

Previous to that I also did 2 year Bachelor of technology National Diploma in Product design at Church View Art & Design college Doncaster (S.Yorkshire, England).

Formal qualification aside I am constantly updating my traditional design skills and also modern design technology related skills.


Design Experience

In England I gained valuable design experience working at Industrial design studios like “Seymour Powell” London and “Atlantic Design Ltd”, also in London.

After moving to Switzerland I worked full time as a 3d visualizer/Graphic designer in a Cross Media marketing communications firm in Zug while also freelancing as an Industrial designer for companies like “Zemp + Partner Design” in Zurich.

Once I got the general feel of Switzerland I started my own small independent design set up. In all I have more than a decade of design experience and have worked on all kinds of projects ranging from logo design to 3d assets for TV adverts to train interiors.


General info

My roots are from the beautiful Himalayan mountainous region of Indian Kashmir. I was born in India but as a teenager immigrated to England when my Mechanical Engineer father changed jobs. I have lived in Northern, Central and Southern England.

21 years ago while living and working in London I met my soulmate, a Swiss/Portuguese (Cristina) and ended up moving to Switzerland. It was in a way coming full circle to my roots, the mountains!

All my cross world experiences have enriched my life and made me into a truly global citizen. National boundaries are no barrier for me so please feel free to drop me a line irrespective of your location.

Swiss StatusPermanent Residence/ C-Permit
LanguagesMainly English! Basic German, spoken Hindi & Kashmiri.



Everything design and computer graphics related interests me.

I am a functional fitness enthusiast and I absolutely love hiking and trail running (preferably mountain trail running).

I also believe in having a good work/life balance.

Some mottos that come closest to describing my mindset:

– Live, love and laugh hard.
– Simple living and high thinking.
– Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out of it alive.