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Welcome and thanks for visiting my website. I am Nitin Khosa (Nitin Design), a multi-disciplined professional designer who runs a small, one man, independent design studio from Zurich, Switzerland  

I hope that you enjoy viewing my design samples and I look forward to exploring ways in which I can use my “visual sense and imagination” to have an extremely positive impact on your projects.

You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of  focus.”

Mark Twain


I can enrich most projects that require design input. My design services encompass 2d fields like graphic design to 3d fields like product design.

I am equally comfortable doing projects for start up companies & individuals to well established larger firms. Bigger design studios can also engage my services for fresh external design input.

Concept/Idea Generation


3d Modeling

Entertainment Design

Industrial Design

Art Direction

Logo Design Development

Brand Identity Design

Art Direction

Print Design

2d Illustration

Web design (WP)

Photography (Project related)


Design project process is not always linear as there are many variables depending on the type of project and the deliverables agreed with the client at the start of the project.

Nevertheless I have simplified and described the typical steps I go through when implementing a project for my clients.

Nitin-Design, Design-Process


I am confident that my design skills will have a positive impact on your chosen endeavour, contact me for additional information or to discuss any potential project.

Please also check the  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

Some Computer Graphics Recognition-

Award nominated artist


Finest digital art in the known universe

Two artwork selected for the book.


Finest digital art in the known universe




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