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 As part of design process series I will briefly highlight some of the design stages that I undertake when designing logos for clients. I have used CargoTube  logo design project as an example.

1. Ideation stage: After meeting the client and doing thorough research I start sketching ideas. Initial design sketch exploration stage can translate  to 3-5 idea sheets or to countless more. It all depends on client’s budget, deadline and how long it takes me to nail the idea.

This logo was for a company that is looking into transporting cargo via custom built underground tunnel network in Switzerland. In the sample ideation sheet below I was exploring the relationship between cargo and tunnel.


Logo concept sketch sheet.

2- Solidifying the sketches: For this CargoTube project I did around 15 sketch sheets. I then picked some and made them more presentable in Illustrator software for second stage client meeting. CargoTube_Process-NitinKhosa-Design_006CargoTube_Process-NitinKhosa-Design_027


3-Developing: After lot of discussion at the client meeting a definite direction was selected and expanded on.CargoTube_Process-NitinKhosa-Design_009CargoTube_Process-NitinKhosa-Design_018


4-Further development: I Simplified and reduced various elements. Checking alignment and finalizing details of the selected version.


Judging colour combinations.

6-Final logo: This was the finalized logo and colour combination. The square shape represents cargo, the 3 interlocking shapes form a semi circle that symbolizes the tunnel along with the small circle.  The semi-circle also hints at the alphabet “C” of Cargo Tube.


Final Logo.