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Q1- Do you work on free trial basis?

I run a professional design business so I don’t do any free trial work. Time is money and I strongly feel that there is enough material on this web site for you to judge my design abilities.

Q2- Do you ask for a deposit before starting a project?

Normally 50% of the total estimated project cost has to be paid before I commence any work,  this helps me to separate genuine clients from time wasters.

Q3- Do we have to sign a contract to use your services on a project?

Yes, in most cases the client would have to sign a simple contract outlining clearly what both sides would be receiving. This way the focus is kept on the completion of the project to the highest standard on time instead of some misunderstanding that could damage client designer relationship.

Q4- We want to commission you for a project but will you be able to keep all the info confidential?

Sure! Client designer confidentiality is something I take VERY seriously. I have no problem signing “non-disclosure” agreement for any project.